Feel The Love Not The Heartburn

By August 17, 2016 January 12th, 2021 Digital Marketing, Experiential Marketing

Ever wonder what causes heartburn? It’s the acid from your stomach irritating your esophagus. This is true for both foods and beverages that cause heartburn.

Our insights confirmed our idea was not only the right place to invest but would practically guarantee a solid ROI.  44% of consumers never heard of ZANTAC® before and 66% of consumers engaged suffered from Heartburn before.

Now food lovers can feel the love not the heartburn.  That’s right, over half a million foodies at Canada’s largest Rib Festivals were feeling the love not the heartburn with ZANTAC®.  It was all about engaging people in the “moment of need” and becoming the go-to solution for every food lover.

 “I was just telling my wife I am going to need something for my stomach after today.” Now who would have known that? We did!

It makes me giggle when I see you at Ribfest, Perfect!!”

Connecting Zantac with the food lovers really paid off for the brand and besides being the “most loved” brand at festivals across the country, engaging people at the moment of need delivered incredible results.

We expanded brand awareness to over 560,000 highly targeted food lovers, delivered over 121,000 samples with product offers.