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They Thought We Were A Mickey Mouse Company, Until Their Sales Grew By 256%

Combining key learnings from working at Walt Disney World, a place known for it’s extremely high standards and ability to deliver those standards consistently, with working in-house developing technology-based programs for the largest experiential marketing agency, we knew there had to be a better way to.

So, we gave up our corner offices and MOUSE Marketing was founded in 2003. Working out of our townhouse basement we ran our first pilot project for the world’s largest winery bringing a new game-changing strategy to increase sales by +256%.

“Word-of-Mouse” spread like wildfire and the rest is history.

We are a customer-centric experiential marketing powerhouse that connects people with brands in meaningful ways. We are experience masterminds, content creators, inspired by culture and fuelled by insights with the customer at its core.

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