HD mobile cinema brings new Celebrity EDGE ship to life

By March 20, 2019 April 28th, 2021 Digital Marketing, Experiential Marketing

The challenge
To drive awareness for their new state-of-the-art class of ship, the Celebrity EDGE, Celebrity Cruises needed to find a memorable way to launch the brand to the public.

The solution
To bring the wow factor, MOUSE Marketing custom-built a Celebrity-Cruises branded HD mobile cinema and took it on a cross-country promotional tour.  This cutting-edge 91-seat cinema screened a 15-minute promotional film, which included a 3D animated reveal of the Celebrity EDGE. As an added bonus, a green screen and augmented reality (AR) technology allowed guests to actually see themselves on board.  Travel industry insiders, media, and guests enjoyed complimentary champagne and gourmet truffle popcorn, and walked away with a special offer and a chance to win one of 50 modern luxury cruise giveaways.

The results
Celebrity generated over 50,000+ new leads, generated national media coverage and solidified 28+ travel trade partnerships. As well as a 400%+ increase in social engagement and a 300% increase in website visits, the activation also had an immediate sales impact with an average of 25 bookings/per engagement.