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4 Secrets to Marketing to Millennials

Revealing The 4 Secrets To Marketing To Millennials

Who runs the world today? Who influences the influencers? If you thought Millennials, then you are right. Making up over 25% of the world’s population and proving to be a trillion-dollar market, surpassing Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers, Millennials are taking the world by storm and shifting the marketing landscape in record speed. Knowing what leads Millennials to purchase is the cornerstone in knowing how to market to this generation. Below, we reveal four secrets to marketing to Millennials.

1. Make it Personal

Experience is everything. How an event or organization makes us feel has more power now than the traditional ‘selling’ of a product does.  According to a study conducted by PWC, 52% of Millennials would rather invest in an experience-related purchase.  No longer is “selling” sexy.  Marketers need to consider what their target demographic really wants, and bring that campaign to life.  Owning the latest product is no longer enough. Creating authentic, memorable and shareable experiences with that product takes it to the next level. Create a campaign that is immersive!

2. Make it Instant/ Make it Valuable 

Let’s face it, we are no longer in days of delayed gratification, nor do we want to be!  But it is not so simple. Millennials value their time and don’t want it to be wasted. Instant gratification must also bring with it value.   Marketing should be kept short and to the point. It should be clear and concise. Lead with what is most valuable. Whether this is done with a picture on Facebook or a video on Insta Story, catching the consumer’s attention and delivering content in a fun, visual, and concise manner is key to attracting this demographic to your story. ( If you would stop scrolling to view your own content, then you are on the right path!)

3. Make it Authentic

Authenticity is at the core of marketing today, so creating a real and tangible relationship with the consumer needs to be integral to the program. Relate the marketing experience to the consumer on an individual level so they feel important and heard. Hot topics like health, social issues, and the environment will support the idea that the brand is aligned with the consumer, and this can tip the scale for making the sale.  Connecting with them on relatable topics and trends that are happening now will garner more attention to your marketing, and in turn create followers for your brand.

4. Make it Social

What good is an experience these days if it isn’t worth sharing? Your marketing needs to be accessible to the social-minded consumer.  People want to be able to share their experiences with their digital network. Consider the desired age and demographic of your target audience and choose the social platform that is best suited to this group of people. By personalizing the experience and making it authentic, consumers will want to share it on social media.  Remember, with the fast-growing and changing landscape of digital technology, your campaign has to be adaptable to fit various digital platforms.

Marketing-savvy Millennials know when something is being thrust upon them, and when there is an organic natural connection to a product or brand.  Be Authentic. Make it Personal. Value their time. Make it Memorable. Use these strategies to get the most influential generation behind your brands

At MOUSE, we have 18-years of experience connecting brands with consumers in meaningful ways through integrated marketing campaigns, digital content, and experiential marketing. We have helped develop and grow brands for various industries including; Johnson & Johnson, Mark Anthony Group, RE/MAX, Hudson’s Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, Cronos Group, FGF Brands,  Molson-Coors, and Pepsi to name a few.  Feel free to reach out and tell us about your marketing challenge.

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