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UV CAKE Vodka Rooftop Party


UV CAKE Vodka Bad Boyfriend Poker Party hosted by Virgin Radio’s morning show with Mad Dog and Maura. Several radio ads and contest giveaways leading up to Toronto’s hottest rooftop patio event at skybar attracted an enthusiastic crowd of fans celebrating with UV CAKE Vodka.

Radio contest winners, media, and influential guests enjoyed a fabulous private party and evening under the stars with music, complimentary UV CAKE Vodka cocktails and VIP bottle service.

Nothing says celebration like cake, and UV CAKE Vodka is no different. Enjoy some during a birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other day you’re thirsting for something festive.

DELICIOUS IS IN THE DETAILS                                                                                                                   The best beginnings… Most vodka is made from wheat, potatoes or corn. And while vodka can be made from virtually any organic material that yields sugar, our thorough research and experimentation has confirmed that there’s nothing better than yellow corn grown right here in the American Midwest.

Distilled four times… Distillation is the process that turns our top-quality corn into alcohol. Many expensive brands feel that distilling three times is plenty, but we’ve found that four cycles create a spirit of optimal purity, neutrality and character. It may take longer for us to make it, but we think vodka this good is worth the extra effort.

Painstakingly pure… Since 80-proof vodka is 60 percent H20, the water used makes a huge difference. Ours is drawn from the deep aquifers of Princeton, Minnesota. It’s then filtered using carbon filtration and reverse osmosis. This is all to say that, when you’re enjoying UV Vodka, you can be certain your vodka is as perfect as possible.

Supremely smooth… You can tell a lot about a vodka by its pH. Ours has a pH of 6.0, which is in the same neighborhood as many superpremium vodkas. This means that UV CAKE Vodka is about as neutral of a spirit as you can get. And it’s this neutrality that gives our vodka its smooth, award-winning taste.

We hate to brag but we thought you might like to know that UV CAKE Vodka has won a bunch of awards for its top-notch quality and taste.