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Ferrari UNVEILS 458 Speciale

The Speciale isn’t just stiffer, faster, louder than a 458 Italia… it’s just beautifully wrought, cohesive, and – no question – it feels more serious, more focused, and just plain better. Not only is it louder, but it’s also 562 horsepower and piddling 202-mph top speed makes it a winner.

The unveiling of the 458 Italia in Canada was an exciting moment for Ferrari enthusiasts. We invited top media, influencers, and key customers to the exclusive evening at the Yorkville Ferrari dealership.  The Remo Group event was exclusive to existing Ferrari owners to get the first glance and sit behind the wheel of that premium soft Italian leather. Media and VIP guests enjoyed fine wine and Italian-inspired culinary delights. Ferrari sold two vehicles at this magical event.  To complete the night Illy cafe baristas steamed-up espressos teamed-up with authentic cannolis.