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2GEN ZERO-CONTACT Sampling Machine

Safely sample this summer! Marketers and brands are looking for new ways to safely sample consumer products this summer to drive trial and awareness and we got you covered. Introducing our 2GEN ZERO-CONTACT sampling machine.

How does it work?

  1. Scan QR code on your mobile device.
  2. Complete mobile registration (data capture + consumer opt-in).
  3. Voila! Pick up a complimentary sample from the automated dispenser.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mobile data collection provides valuable consumer insights and measures and tracks results, and intent to purchase.
  • Safely sample products and reinforce brand visiability via media screens.
  • Size options provide flexibility for both retail and out-of-store channels.

Activations are available in two sizes: 5x5ft with a single sample dispenser and 1x media screen, or 7x7ft with 3x sampling dispensers plus 3x media screens.

At MOUSE, we have 18-years of experience connecting brands with consumers in meaningful ways through integrated marketing campaigns, digital content, and experiential marketing. We have helped develop and grow brands for various industries including; Johnson & Johnson, Mark Anthony Group, RE/MAX, Hudson’s Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, Cronos Group, FGF Brands,  Molson-Coors, and Pepsi to name a few.  Feel free to reach out and tell us about your marketing challenge.

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