Reality TV Show Integration Fires-up Serious Sales

By November 26, 2018 January 15th, 2021 Digital Marketing, Experiential Marketing

INTEGRATED REALITY TV CAMPAIGN – While Gordon Ramsay drops F%*! bombs in the kitchen, we were cooking-up an integrated strategy that would significantly drive sales and take Stonefire flatbread into the US market in an explosive way.

The big idea was to make Stonefire flatbread the first-ever food product featured on the hit reality TV show Hell’s Kitchen. Now convincing them was another story.

After turning many “no’s” into “yeses”, battling through a village of FOX and iTV producers, directors, and even Gordon Ramsay himself, Stonefire became the FIRST EVER food product featured on the hit reality TV show.

The successful integrated campaign included a digital contest that inspired 123,000 fans to enter their personal recipes for a chance to WIN a VIP trip to Hollywood, ON-AIR TV integration showcasing how the product is perfect for moms with kids, and an OFF-AIR Hell’s Kitchen Chef Challenge tour to drive trial, sales and awareness locally, which SOLD OUT of product in every major market.

The campaign reached over 50,000,000 target consumers, opened 1500 new retail channels, and increased sales by a whopping 28%.