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Seize The Cabernet

The Challenge

Napa Valley wine brand Louis M. Martini realized that premium wine consumers don’t really know what they like. The brand wanted to find a fun and creative way to convince wind drinkers to pay a little more for a truly exceptional bottle of vino.

The Solution

MOUSE Marketing helped Louis M. Martini put on a cross-country, multi-event brand activation to help engage and convert their target customers. A number of premium events even had celebrity guests including lead singer for Aerosmith, Steven Tyler. The “Seize the Cabernet” sensory tasting experience helped consumers understand their wine preferences, delivering stronger wine education and engagement for the brand.  This experience allowed consumers to blind-taste two unique styles of cabernet at over forty exquisite art, fashion, and entertainment events throughout the year across Canada. Participants were guided to smell, taste, and interact with the relevant aroma vials and fresh ingredients that showcased the unique wine characteristics of Louis M. Martini’s Sonoma and Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.  Participants were educated about the unique characteristics of each wine and received a full glass of their personal wine preference.

The Results

The program had a strong drive to retail with a whopping 43% conversion rate, and 85% engagement with consumers never tried the product before.

The premium brand experience and ever detail was extremely well thought out.
Andrea Moore

Senior Brand Manager, Super Premium Portfolio

Drive to retail
Tried product for first time
Conversion rate