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Feel The Love Not The Heartburn

The Challenge

ZANTAC wanted to become the go-to solution when the foods (and beverages) we love become the culprits of stomach irritating heartburn. The brand wanted to engage directly with consumers during events where they would be most likely to experience these unpleasant symptoms.

The Solution

MOUSE Marketing developed the ‘Feeling the Love – Not the Heartburn’ campaign for ZANTAC that raised awareness of the brand with the right consumers at the right moment.

The campaign included developing strategic partnerships with Canada’s largest community food and rib festivals, integrated brand awareness, and pop-up brand activations with multiple sampling stations to help spread the love. Our market research program solidified the strategy was not only the right place to invest but would practically guarantee a return on their marketing investment.

The Results

We engaged over 560,000 highly targeted food lovers and delivered over 121,000 samples with product offers to raise brand awareness. In fact, 44% of consumers never heard of ZANTAC before the activation and 66% of consumers engaged said they suffered from heartburn.  Engaging people in their moment of need truly delivered incredible results for the brand.

What a fantastic campaign and the consumer response was incredible. MOUSE Marketing did a wonderful job helping us drive trial and awareness cost-effectively.
Gina Yoo

Brand Manager

Brand awareness
Samples delivered
Consumers engaged suffer from heartburn
Increased sales lift